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Shy’ Alley

Jamaican-American Chicago born hip hop artist, Shy’Alley is making her debut in hip-hop. Being told she’s not “smart/normal/black” enough, Shy’Alley has learned to embrace what makes her different. Through her music, she is loud and outspoken about mainstream atrocities, sell-out/fake-woke pop culture. Unashamed of her roots, she brings it raw on the tracks “Coming Home” and “Everybody Imitates”. She’s not waiting for a break or to be given permission to enter the male-dominated industry and with her own sound, Shy’Alley (who is anything but shy) is re-defining what it is to be a dark-skinned woman in rap. New to the hip-hop scene in Portland, Shy’Alley soared to #4 in Reverbnation Hip-Hop charts, #21 Regional.


"I want to help bring cancer awareness to families in low-income areas so that we are all better equipped to fight a disease that has affected all of us on some level."