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The world must respond to the urgent health needs of displaced Ukrainians.

This is a healthcare system disaster.

B1OS, Inc., has developed the first universal, borderless, digital health information solution that can help individuals securely rebuild or regain access to their health data and efficiently locate the immediate care they need.

All donations over $1K will received a FREE lifetime subscription to the B1OS HealthPass®️ once deployed in your country of residence for you and your immediate family members!

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Campaign Details

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How is B1OS addressing the critical healthcare gap in Ukraine?

B1OS wants to provide every EVERY Ukrainian citizen, medical institution and relief organization with the B1OS HealthPass® solution. In doing so, this will support medical professionals, hospitals and clinics on the ground throughout the EU who are delivering essential care to refugees.

B1OS is a New York based health tech company positioned to address this humanitarian crisis. B1OS has developed a mobile application (B1OS HealthPass®) that can identify and authenticate individuals and their health information using end-2-end encryption and blockchain technology. The solution enables an easy AND secure way to share medical data with medical professionals who are unfamiliar with patient cases. Also, individuals can utilize the solution to directly communicate with their family as well as locate medical professionals and institutions in a new city or country.
The mass exodus of refugees into neighboring countries has created yet another unforeseen issue: Doctors and nurses face the daunting task of addressing the medical needs of millions. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for the recipient medical community is the inability to easily access medical records, particularly of those with chronic illnesses who need immediate attention.  Forbes reports on the global effort to evacuate children with cancer from Ukraine and the difficulties in providing continuous care due to lack of accurate medical information.

What is the key product development milestone you seek to fund?

The following development is necessary to launch the B1OS HealthPass® throughout Ukraine and neighboring countries, to enable more efficient and effective medical care to all those in need:

  1. Expand the B1OS HealthPass® to include support in all local languages of countries caring for Ukrainian citizens.
  2. API integration (Application Programing Interface), to existing medical record systems of hospitals and clinics on the ground in Ukraine before they are destroyed. This allows for efficient and secure transfer of medical data to the online B1OS solution, creating continuity of care for people being displaced throughout Ukraine and refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. To date, over 6.5M people have been displaced and over 3M have fled Ukraine, with little to no access to their medical information.

How will funds be used?

Your tax-deductible contributions will be used for direct and immediate support of the following: (Note, all services included below are budgeted for one year)

  1. $100,000  – Integrate 9 local languages necessary to support all displaced Ukrainian citizens and organizations providing medical care throughout the EU (Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Bulgaria)
  2. $100,000 – Send a team to Poland and other surrounding countries to support the effort for a minimum duration of 60 days (prepared to extend if needed).
  3. Donated – Deliver the B1OS HealthPass® solution at NO COST to all of Ukraine and neighboring countries caring for Ukrainian refugees. This includes setting up and supporting all infrastructure and software necessary to expand our online B1OS solution in the EU, adhering to data and privacy regulations.
  4. $100,000 –  Deliver phone and online support to individuals, medical institutions and relief organizations, in local languages.
  5. $100,000 – Support medical organizations with mobile devices (iPads, tablets, mobile phones) where needed to have access to the B1OS HealthPass®.
  6. $150,000 – Hire engineering staff in Poland and Ukraine to augment product support in the EU.
  7. $100,000 – API integration to existing medical record systems of hospitals and clinics on the ground in Ukraine, before they are destroyed. This allows for efficient and secure transfer of medical data to the online B1OS solution, creating continuity of care for people being displaced throughout Ukraine and refugees fleeing to neighboring countries. (To date, 11M Ukrainians have been displaced with little to no access to their medical information).

What key resources have/will you acquire to facilitate the accomplishment of the above product development milestone? 

The B1OS team is supported by both medical and humanitarian professionals who are equipped to immediately help us establish key relationships on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring EU allies: Gaelle Mogli, Founder & CEO of ConnectAID, a UN spokesperson;  Dr. Frances Hughes with connections to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the WHO and other global medical organizations; Derek Yach, a physician-epidemiologist and public health expert also with connections to the WHO.

These strategic relationships will enable us to rapidly scale delivery of the B1OS HealthPass®.

If this initiative fails to reach its funding goals how might this impact the crisis in Ukraine?

Having access to the right health information at the right time is critical, especially for the most vulnerable already battling chronic illnesses. The B1OS HealthPass® is a viable solution for an urgent time. Without having this capability in the hands of individuals, medical institutions and relief organizations, the world would miss a pivotal opportunity to provide the first-of-its-kind universal, borderless, digital health information solution, in a time of crisis. 

B1OS is positioned to do this immediately. You can help by donating to this initiative now!

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AS PER US  TAX REGULATIONS. Upon submission of your contribution an email will be sent with our tax ID information for your records.  Thank you for your support!

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Message From The Founder

“With the state of our world today, especially coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shown how a microscopic virus can bring the world to its knees, that fragility should make us humble; encourage us to dig deeper to create a trusted and secure sovereign identity for every individual, to empower, educate and equip people with the support needed to reach their healthiest and highest potential. 

Let our generation be the turning point where through unity and solidarity we address the humanitarian issues we face today, and together move forward with one common determination resulting in meaningful impact and sustainable change!”  ~ Mary Carbajal, Founder and CEO, B1OS, Inc. 

Mary Carbajal

Founder and CEO, B1OS, Inc.

A visionary entrepreneur with a passion for developing trusted customer, partner, and employee relationships, while making a broad impact in business. Over 20 years of extensive real-world experience building business and technology strategy; solving complex challenges through a lean, systemic lens; executive management and consulting; large-scale program development, implementation, and management, across a variety of industries throughout 143 countries. Built and led global teams delivering operational excellence and agility, with a focus on customer-centricity. A humanitarian and passionate advocate for women, girls, underserved children and refugees around the world. The Founder and Chairman of ISeeU, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, delivering medical, educational, financial, logistical, and infrastructure goods and services to underserved and refugee communities globally.

Mark Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, B1OS, Inc.

Over 25 years of experience as CEO/COO specializing in business development, strategic branding and corporate management with a passion for the convergence of entertainment, branding, data and media technology. Founder and CEO of Equity Management Group LLC, an intellectual property rights company and Founder and CEO of PRIMEDIA Communications, 1985 – 2000. Winner of Addy Award, Peabody Award, Emmy Award, San Diego International Film Festival Artistic Director's Award and Adweek’s Event Marketing Award. Founding Member of United Nations Commission For Peace.

Chris Nicholson

Chief Financial Officer, B1OS, Inc.

Experienced and driven finance and technology executive with a proven 30+ year track record of leading companies, ensuring they have well-founded strategic plans, appropriate financing strategies, and solid financial and technology back-office platforms to deliver efficient operations. With a focus on outcomes Chris cultivates strong internal, external and investor relationships, with ironclad ethics and governance at the center.

Derek Yach

SVP Global Health and Science, B1OS, Inc.

Derek has 40+ years, working tirelessly to improve people’s health. A physician-epidemiologist and public health expert by training, his experience covers the breadth of public health. An executive director at the World Health Organization (WHO), for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and mental health, he was a major driving force behind the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC). He led development of the WHO’s first global report on mental health, and developed guidelines now being used by most countries to set nutrient and physical activity levels. Direct appointee by Indra Nooyi as SVP for Global Health and Agriculture Policy at PepsiCo, Derek worked from within to support a shift in the culture and the content of products towards healthier options.

Dr. Frances Hughes

Senior Advisor and Patient Advocate, B1OS, Inc.

Dr. Hughes is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years' nursing experience and an international leader in her field. She has held senior management and nursing positions on a global level and was formerly the Chief Executive of the International Council of Nurses. She has worked for the World Health Organization and has served on boards in Queensland, Rwanda, and Switzerland. Dr Hughes was made a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to mental health in 2019 and has been appointed to the Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance. She has established two mental health charities in Australia and New Zealand and is a board member on three NGOs in Rwanda, Switzerland and Queensland, all focusing on vulnerable populations.




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