How We Work

Music Beats Cancer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers people to directly and transparently support the advancement of new solutions and promising treatments for cancer.

When you make a contribution to a cancer-fighting campaign, we pass your “earmarked” dollar to your chosen campaign as a charitable grant. You receive updates and status reports from the campaigns you supported.

Most importantly, donors will actively contribute to a movement of generating real change in the war against cancer. Through your contribution, you become part of a movement to translate more promising cutting-edge cancer technologies into actual solutions in the clinic that stand to benefit individuals and society at large.

Is There A Minimum for Donation?

The minimum donation is $1. You can contribute any dollar amount to a cancer-fighting campaign of your choice. Click HERE to see our active campaigns.

You can contribute by supporting the fundraising goal of your favorite independent artist(s). Click HERE to see our roster of musicians.

You can contribute any dollar amount to the Music Beats Cancer General Fund, a fund dedicated to matching the crowd, dollar for dollar.

All donors receive the same level of choice, transparency, and updates.

What Are The Fees?

Music Beats Cancer takes a 10% administration fee for funds raised through our platform.

Music Beats Cancer charges a $495 application fee to innovators who wish to Start A Campaign on our platform.

What Happens if a Project Doesn’t Reach its Goal?

We support a “keep what you raise,” or “flexible,” crowdfunding model. If campaigns remain partially funded after the fundraising term, all monies will be transferred to the designated campaign, and no monies will be returned to donors. Likewise, if the project reaches or supersedes its funding goal, all monies, including those in excess of the funding goal, will be transferred to the designated campaign.

How Long Do Campaigns Run?

Campaigns run for 60 days.

How do I Know That Campaigns are Credible and Worthy of Donations?

Music Beats Cancer implements a vetting process for each biotech company seeking to raise funds on our portal. We support campaigns that demonstrate realistic evidence of addressing critical gaps in cancer treatment, and that have successfully raised funds through the peer-reviewed programs. We cannot guarantee the future success of campaigns posted to our portal. We provide honest appraisals of promising technologies that can make a real world difference in how cancer is treated.

Are Donations Tax-Deductible?

Music Beats Cancer is a 501(c)3 charity. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of US law. Our federal tax ID number is: 45-4642925. Upon credit card or bank approval of transacted funds, you will receive an electronic receipt for the amount and date of your donation.