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Dr. Mona Jhaveri of Music Beats Cancer

Not everyone has to like or agree with you, but it’s your job to plant the seeds of change. As part of my interview series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mona Jhaveri. She is the Founder and Executive director at Music Beats Cancer. She launched Music Beats Cancer to address the “Valley of Death,” Read Full Article

DC nonprofit uses music to raises funds for cancer research

Music Beats Cancer is a DC nonprofit that raises funds for innovators working on cancer-fighting solutions. As Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off this October Music Beats Cancer’s held an exclusive fundraising contest for independent musicians with the top five artists who raise the most money will be featured on a 60-second spot on an iHeart Radio Station. Read Full Article

The Music Beats Cancer Approach

Too many potential cures for cancer disappear in a funding bottleneck. Music Beats Cancer is changing this by leveraging the power and passion of people and music to help raise funds and awareness of promising cancer innovations that would otherwise linger in the Valley of Death. Read Full Article

A New Way to Fund the Cancer Fight

The fight for cancer has been something the world has been dealing with for centuries. While scientists have found ways to combat it, for example chemotherapy, there isn't a definitive cure. There are many innovators trying to come up with new treatments, solutions and cures for cancer, but the number one thing they face is the lack of funds necessary to do this. Read Full Article

Mona Jhaveri: Beating back cancer

Mona Jhaveri, the founder and executive director of Music Beats Cancer – a Ridgefield, CT-based non-profit focused on beating back cancer – joins the podcast to discuss several topics, including the current cancer-fighting research and technology landscape. Read Full Article

Former Biopharma CEO Develops Novel Solution For The "Valley Of Death"

Translational research, the process of translating early discoveries into effective treatments for patients, is sometimes referred to as the “Valley of Death.” Why? Because it’s time consuming, costly, and has a rate of success hovering around 1 percent. I recently met a scientist who had experienced the Valley of Death firsthand. And rather than have her valley experience be her demise, she instead opted to develop a novel solution. This is her story. Read Full Article

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