Rod Fritz

Rod Fritz is an Australian singer/songwriter, a true artist and word smith who tells it straight from the heart. From love ballads, heartbroken moments and life in general Rod has…Read More

Nobody Famous

Nobody Famous seeks to touch the hearts and minds of the traveler in everyone by inspiring them to follow their dreams and be the change they wish to see in…Read More

Once Around

Once Around are a three piece hard rock band from the Midwest. With High energy, riff driving, sing along anthems. Once Around exposes every emotion on and off stage. They…Read More


Solvan “Slick” Naim is an Award winning Algerian-American writer, director and rapper from Bushwick, Brooklyn. He is known for creating, writing, producing, and starring in the Emmy nominated Netflix comedy…Read More


A former co-producer of Major Hollywood films, with the likes of Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Selma Hayek, and Donald Sutherland, Galit launched her new career as a singer/songwriter by channeling…Read More

Jared LoStracco

Jared LoStracco is a dynamic country singer/songwriter hailing from East Texas. He is the driving force behind his band “The Red Dirt Troubadours.” His love for music ignited at a…Read More