David Coppa & Scrapple

Influenced by many artists and genres from Philadelphia’s diverse music scene and the Texas blues legends, David Coppa’s music could be considered a mix of electric blues and blues rock.…Read More


Highs and lows. Ups and downs. Life’s beautiful gifts and tragic downfalls. Thunderosa has seen them all in 24 years of rocking and rolling around this country, planet and universe.…Read More

Josh Olsen

Texas native Josh Olsen is certainly no stranger to the music industry. Olsen began his career with his brother, and eventually found himself on X-Factor back in 2012. From there,…Read More


I’m a 26 year old Pop/R&B artist born and raised in New Jersey. I’ve always loved music and have been performing since middle school, but officially released my own music…Read More

Gabrielle Gore

Oklahoma native Gabrielle Gore was born to be an entertainer. Her voice is rich, effortless, and believable. Her first album, “I See You,” was recorded in October 2020 at Hilltop…Read More

Unforgettable Big Band

Unforgettable Big Band is the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading big swing dance band, providing live performances and special events featuring 100+ years of great American jazz and dance music. Featuring 17…Read More