Music has been a friend of mine from the beginning. I’ve been singing since childhood but didn’t start learning how to play instruments until 14 years young. Since then I’ve…Read More


Raya Dize is a pop singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, actress and a classical pianist. Born in Germany, Raya has moved around the world through the years and has a multicultural heritage.…Read More


Hi Everyone! I’m a rock singer and songwriter from Warsaw, Poland. Until now some of you could see me on stage or hear me as a frontwoman and vocalist of…Read More


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The Perfect Colors

Vincent Raffard is a French singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Paris, France. His music can not be categorized into just one genre, rather it is a mix of many styles, including…Read More

K Da Don

K Da Don (Kay-The-Dawn) is described as a melodic hip hop artist. His medley of versatility, punchlines and melodies are few reasons why he stands to be one of the…Read More