Max M

He’s seen as one of the world’s top French experts in IT, but this hasn’t stopped Max M from having two careers. Former innovator and entrepreneur, Max is now focusing…Read More

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is a singer-songwriter do an original rock and roll with a side order of soul. We are three piece band fronted by guitarist-singer Lone Wolf. My music is…Read More

Fresh Cea$er

Fresh Cea$er’s Executive Producer of the debut project Love Is Everything Jobarie Townsend was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney cancer in 2018. Completely out of nowhere, cancer threatened his life but…Read More

James Nikolas Music

Having been a guitar player for 30 years and played most styles of music ranging from metal to jazz, I really feel the songs that I write. I Started writing…Read More


Music is my passion. I listen to pop, fusion, K-pop and Indian music. Over the years, I learned to become a singer & songwriter and I enjoyed dedicating my passion…Read More

Susanna Lee

Susanna performed at her first piano recital at age 5. She’s studied with a relative of the famous composer Khachaturian. She also studied with the late UT Austin Prof. Danielle…Read More