Quintuple threat Arra is a 15 year old poised for super stardom! Singing since the age of 7, Arra is a talented singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and actress. Born and…Read More

Goodnite Neverland

Two dreamers came together not knowing quite what would happen. Jesse Baskin and Sarah Marks started just like Peter Pan and Wendy heading off to a place between “sleep and…Read More

Olivia Cella

Born and raised in Manhattan till age 3, Olivia Cella and her family moved to Zurich Switzerland. Upon returning to NYC at age 6, Olivia started modeling, acting and taking…Read More


Thane is a rising star in the making, ever growing, ever evolving.  A voice powerfully soulful and uplifting with a tone rich, warm, and smooth as liquid gold, Thane’s eclectic…Read More