Tori Kay

As a singer, dancer, actress, and social media broadcaster, Tori Kay is a true entertainer. She is here to inspire the world through all forms of art. Tori Kay’s music…Read More


Since 2015, Philadelphia based DJ Monäva has been spinning heavy hitting House Music sets all over the US. His first single, “I’m Not Famous,” debuted on SoundCloud’s streaming site in…Read More

Carley Carpenter

Fresh, fierce, fearless, that’s what anyone would call a graduate who up and moved to California with two suitcases, a couple hundred dollars, and no place to live just two…Read More

Jane Q. Public

Jane Q Public is a six piece band formed in 2016 and led by Jane (aka JQP) with its roots in jazz and hip-hop. The JQP harmony driven sound is…Read More


Hailing from the Midwest, STATIK LNK, crashed onto the scene in 2014 creating his own lane for his unique sound. A live instrumentalist and producer, STATIK LNK intricately blurs the…Read More

Three Guests

Three Guests consists of musicians Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore, who bring their personal journeys to life through the ear. Jordan is the lead singer and songwriter, playing both the…Read More