Virtual Raffle

What is the “Music Beats Cancer Virtual Raffle”?

The Music Beats Cancer virtual raffle involves an online purchase of a virtual raffle ticket or “crypto token” called the SAFT coin. Participants can opt to use their SAFT coins for an upcoming raffle draw to be announced on the Music Beats Cancer website, newsletter and social media outlets. Stay tuned!

The winning coin will be randomly selected using virtual algorithms. The winner will enjoy a virtual celebrity experience. See below for more information on the virtual prize.

How Do I Buy A Raffle Ticket?

Raffle tickets or SAFT coins can be purchased by donating to a cancer-fighting campaign of your choice. One dollar donated buys you one SAFT coin. Donors can opt to use their SAFT coin for an upcoming virtual raffle event.

What is the Winning Raffle Prize?

The winner receives a 5 minute zoom call with a participating music celebrity! The zoom call will be hosted and organized by Music Beats Cancer.

How Do I Get Notified?

Once a winning coin is selected, the Music Beats Cancer team will reach you by email and text messaging. If there is no response within the 72 hours, a new winning coin will be selected.