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Annabelle first discovered her desire to live her life on-stage at a young age after idolizing Disney’s pop-stars of the 2000’s and other artists including Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole. Her drive only further increased when she realized that becoming an entertainer could be a reality and from then on, she wasn’t going to let anything stop her. Her first single, Every Way You Move, hit #3 on the Indie Rhythmic charts, surpassing notable artists such as Kanye West and Fetty Wap, and peaked at #78 on the Rhythmic chart. In regards to music, Annabelle hopes that people start listening to a wider variety of music with a more open mind. “We tend to forget that music is made simply for our enjoyment and creative expression and although some genres or styles are not for everyone, we shouldn’t be so quick to criticize what we’re hearing. It’s a very valuable thing that we’re lucky enough to have.”


"As the child and grandchild of people who've suffered from cancer and survived thanks to the efforts of organizations such as Music Beats Cancer, I've personally been fueled to do what I can to see that less and less people suffer and more find success."