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Our People

Tsering is a current undergraduate at the University of Richmond, dedicating four years to growing her understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of leadership ethics and healthcare. She has allocated time throughout the past seven years to a variety of extracurricular activities including research on the carcinogenic effects of diesel emission particles and its application to social injustice, serving as a medical translator, and public health presenter abroad in pursuit of becoming a radiation oncologist. Cole’s work in conjunction with a creative arts background demonstrates commitment to materializing tangible, equitable, and holistic solutions to some of today’s most pressing issues in healthcare. Drawing upon her previous clinical, marketing, and management experience, she interns for Music Beats Cancer as President of Student Involvement, helping to build sustainable bridges between people, products, and knowledge.

Tsering Cole

Student Engagement

Melissa earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in 2020 in interdisciplinary chemical sciences. During her undergraduate years, she dedicated time to various extracurricular activities such as cardiovascular research and leading study groups for freshman chemistry. Melissa is currently a second-year medical student at the University of Connecticut. She spent her first summer conducting clinical research in the treatment of sepsis patients. She is interested in pursuing a surgical career and has a strong desire to incorporate both teaching and research in her career. In her spare time, she enjoys walking dogs on Wag, listening to podcasts, and cooking. Melissa has worked with Music Beats Cancer since 2017. She leads the monthly newsletter creation and distribution efforts. You can sign up for the Music Beats Cancer Newsletter!

Melissa Ulbrick

Newsletter Editor

Marisa is a recent graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, majoring in Music & Technology. During her time at university, she learned the latest concepts and techniques in music composition, recording, and production. As part of her senior thesis, she redeveloped music she wrote into an EP to demonstrate her growth through the years.  In conjunction with her studies, Marisa has been gaining practical experience through a number of internship projects. Most recently, she has been working for Music Beats Cancer as an Artist Relations Manager where she selects upcoming artists and supports them in developing their marketing strategy.  Since a young age, Marisa has been a music enthusiast. She’s an experienced singer, skilled composer and enjoys playing piano and marimba. Her ambition is to work as a Sound Designer where she can bring the actions in shows and movies to life. 

Marisa Soteropoulos

Artist Relations Manager

Gursimar is a recent graduate of Boston University and is currently an Analyst at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In her free time, she is an avid blogger, capturing patient stories from a holistic point of view. She is interested in sharing the patient experience, from the science behind cancer to what it is like receiving the kinds of intense care that cancer calls for. Gursimar is passionate about advancing public health and health literacy. She is an active member of a professional network called Boston Young Healthcare Professionals which aims to share knowledge across health fields.

Gurismar Sawhney

Contributing Blog Writer