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Astra Kelly

Artist, songwriter, and Chicago native, Astra Kelly, is a pure talent with a lyric-based, melodic sound and soaring vocals. Eclectic in style and genre, her music draws from her soulful Chicago roots fused with indie folk and Americana. Her performances are passionate, full of energy, and a powerful expression of her art and sound. Her songs often mirror the beautiful grit of being alive and open the way for a thought provoking and emotive musical experience. She’s a career artist who has toured the country extensively, and has released ten records on her own label. In 2022, she embarked upon “The Making Music Tour,” an epic RV journey around the US to rediscover her creative mojo after the Pandemic, write a new record, and to allow space for grieving the loss of her Mom. The resulting album, “Soul Fires,” is nine songs that reflect spiritual/emotional healing and transformation, and embrace the power within universal love, the open road, nature, and the mysticism of life. Astra describes the sound of as “Folk Rock Bitten by the South.” Listen the first two singles on Spotify: Not My Home and Soul Fires Presently based in San Diego, CA., Astra is also a vocal and songwriting coach, has managed multiple recording studios, writes and produces music for other artists, and is a voice over talent represented by local agency Shaman Freitas. She’s also been a radio DJ and TV host. She is passionate about being in service through music, helping others tap into their creative source, and advocating for well being, personal transformation, and emotional freedom. As a facilitator for a rehabilitative songwriting workshop at Donovan State Prison, she’s experienced the profound nature of songwriting to provide an outlet for healing and growth for people from all walks of life. This inspired her workshop series, soulsong.life.


"I cared for my Mom as I witnessed cancer take her life. During treatment, I thought, there must be a better way."