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Big Moe

The Hip Hop and Rap artist Big Moe is a fighter and his music showcases that. His latest EP release, “ Big Moetivation Chapter 1: Recover & Discover, “ tells his story of battling cancer and winning. This emotional tale is packaged into exciting, hyped, and groovy compositions that make people want to get up and do something-even if that’s just dancing. Big Moe’s ability to translate his experiences into an enjoyable artist creation came from his father. His stage name is also inspired by his old man. Big Moe started as a DJ and eventually made his way to Rap. Since then, he has performed on several stages, sharing his creative expression with several people. Big Moe’s diagnosis had put a halt to his performances. However he’s determined to make new music and work on new projects.


"Music is what helped me win the fight over cancer."