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Danielle Lyndsay

Singer, songwriter, and dancer Danielle Lyndsay, a D.C. native is a musical prodigy bred from birth. Her father, a popular District of Columbia vocalist taught her at an early age the importance of stage presence and owning the spotlight by commanding the audience’s attention with the drop of the first beat until the last vocal is sung. Her fiery approach to song structure and raw movement through her extensive dance training is possessive in nature, making her a musical force to be reckoned with.

Performing and entertaining are at the epicenter of who Danielle is as much as the stage is the epicenter of her comfort zone. Having learned how to express herself through movement, Danielle channeled her ferocious energy into songwriting and singing to provide a trinity of musical artistry. In 2012, she released her debut EP “the genesis EP” which included her hit single “Such A Lady”. The single’s video garnered over 90K views on YouTube as viewers connected to Danielle’s tough talking, feminist lyrics and urban-pop influenced beats.


"Cancer is something that has attacked my family in many different forms. It's something that has in some ways brought us closer together and in other ways, torn us apart. Music is something that we can all relate to and use as a healer."