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Delaney Morgan

Delaney Morgan is a singer-songwriter and musician from Connecticut. He’s currently re-inventing his sound with New York producer, Paul Brighton, after spending much of his time playing acoustic guitar and performing one-man shows all over the state. Delaney’s Debut Album “Running Circles” featured 10 new songs written by Delaney and Paul, produced by Paul Brighton and mixed by 5X Grammy winning Engineer, Kevin Killen. Of late, Delaney’s aspirations and creation of a new sound includes radio hitmakers like Chainsmokers, Mike Posner & DJ Snake, which have taken up much of his listening time. Artists such as Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Otis Redding, James Morrison, Adele, and John Legend have all had a great impact. Delaney’s warm and “caramel-toned” voice is the first thing people are attracted to when he performs. With a flair for writing lyrics that is emotive, personal, yet relatable, he adds depth and dimension not typically found in many of today’s pop songs.


"With family members having been touched in some way by cancer, I'm hoping my music can help draw people to this unique approach of solving the cancer puzzle."