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El Villano Musikal

It was the first day of the week on the year of the Dragon under the astrological influence of Scorpio When the Wolf was born. Roberto was named after his father also a Puerto Rican Folk Singer & improviser so his childhood name was Junito. El Villano Musikal’s Career started Participating on a Karaoke night competition and still goes on as you read more about him. There has being lots of adventures hardships and never ending situations but BamBam The Rican Boy as he was known in High school understood everything had to happen the way it did to be the Singer Song writer, business man and entrepreneur that he is today. Roberto Felt that every situation had at least one opportunity to grow. Today as an indie music artist His music is being release on all the digital platform’s for the world to get to know him better with his own record label @Ahead of Time Musik. Roberto Figueroa is a natural born Puerto Rican residing in the 8th coldest state of the united states on the Cream City Milwaukee Wisconsin.


"Music is my chance to Fight what killed my Father with what he thought me."

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Oct 12th, 2023 at 06:06 pm