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Singer/songwriter Honey Ribar was first discovered on YouTube after her “Love On Top” video went viral with 500,000+ views in under 3 days. After her Recording Academy nomination, Honey was considered in numerous categories, and has been writing and recording a lineup of fresh, new music. A few months after the pandemic hit, Honey’s struggle with addiction had taken a positive turn when she decided to get sober. While in recovery, Honey spent time writing and focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness, in which she was able to process her emotions, dig deeper into her spirituality, and her focus on her relationship with the Lord. Honey’s new music takes us on her journey of recovery and showcases extreme emotional depth, spirituality, and grace.


"Music draws connection, connection creates community, community creates love, where there is love, there is power. We have the power invested in us to beat cancer and live out the adventure of life we have embarked upon."