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Hurdy Gurdy Men

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Hurdy Gurdy Men

Introducing “Hurdy Gurdy Men” – a dynamic and eclectic indie band that blends alternative rock, folk, bluesy funk, americana, ska, and more into a captivating and unique sound. With both male and female members, this diverse group brings a refreshing and inclusive energy to their performances. Formed in the vibrant music scene of San Francisco, HGM boasts a lineup of talented musicians, each with their own distinctive style and passion for creating music. Led by Daniel Pfeiffer, whose soulful vocals and energetic guitar riffs form the backbone of their sound, the band is complemented by Maya West’s ethereal singing, adding depth and emotion to their songs. The rhythm section is anchored by the powerful and groove-driven basslines of Brendan Vandermei. Together, they create a tight and pulsating foundation that drives the band’s music forward. With a rich blend of influences ranging from Bob Dylan and Arctic Monkeys to Pink Floyd, Elliot Smith, and Gillian Welch, HGM effortlessly navigates between genres, infusing their music with unmistakable hooks and creativity. Their dynamic live performances are a testament to their passion for music and their ability to connect with an audience. Keep an eye out for this skillful and edgy band, as they set out to make their mark on the music world!


“Music is the medicine of the soul.” - Plato

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