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Jai Beam

John Cannon aka Jai Beam is the most unknown force in music and has been ignored for decades until recent years when he embarked on a mission to shatter the norms and conventions of traditionalists releasing a series of self produced albums starting in 2009 with his series Harmony In Chaos : Chaos In Harmony. John is a mostly self taught musician who took a few years of music theory and history in his early life. He has been a BMI composer for over 20 years now and has had the great fortune of meeting legends in the music industry including Phil Spector, Joey Ramone, U2, Axl, David Lee Roth and others in his early life. John has embarked on created a new genre for music called “futuristic” as he is an eclectic combination of scientist, writer, philosopher, technologist and musician.


"I am a cancer survivor."