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James Nikolas Music

Having been a guitar player for 30 years and played most styles of music ranging from metal to jazz, I really feel the songs that I write. I Started writing my own music about 10 years ago, but never really pursued it until Covid hit. Since all the shows dried up, there was only one direction to go and that was writing originals. I recently wrote a song called Dance All Night that is really getting attention. It’s a country pop dance tune that is all about getting off work, grabbing a girl and hittin that floor after a long week at work! Right now, the focus is to release 1 to 3 songs a year. Everyone has a song that connects them to something in their past that is meaningful and brings back such strong emotions. Writing is a fantastic way to help bring those emotions out!


"I personally have not experienced the loss of someone through cancer, but many of my friends have. Hearing their stories over the years, I can't help feel the love they had and lost for their loved one or friend, or family member. I feel that it's important that we all join in this cause to help fight this horrible disease. And I'm hoping my music can contribute that that very cause!"