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Jarvis Evans

Recording Artist Jarvis Evans born in Miami Florida has been singing since the age of four. At age 11 He dueted with the great American Drifters’ lead singer Phil Gibson & later Connie who is famous for her number one 90’s hit called “That Funky Beat” Michael Winslow, Gloria Estefan, Destination Stardom’s Star Search’s Katherine Cue, Sky as known on MTV Sweet 16. Landing several gigs from performing monthly at Atlanta Housewives Peter & Cynthia Bayley’s Uptown Lounge & several more. As American Idol Season 9 & 10 Semi-Finalist hes evolved his musical & film directing talents performing the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder and other he studied. His New Release is Relight Your Fire.

For music collaborations or booking info contact my manager @selenamweinert


"Music Beats Cancer resonates with me because breast and prostate cancer has taken many lives in my family and those that are fighting it I want to give them a voice and help them fight it through my music."