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Josette is a young upcoming artist based in northern New Jersey.  This teenage singer/songwriter has been performing at festivals and live shows in the NYC metropolitan area since age of eleven. One of her most memorable audiences was at the Apollo Theater where she sung at the age of twelve. Just recently, she won a GEICO (Grand Prize) contest to promote safe driving. She competed with one of her original songs.

Josette began singing at the age of five. Her love and passion for music grew stronger which motivated her to become self-taught on both the guitar and piano. She was only seven when she wrote her first song “All Alone.” Since then she has not stopped. Now in high school, Josette is focusing on her new EP that she expects to complete within the next year.   When she isn’t recording, she keeps jumping from stage to stage singing her originals as well as covers of the most popular songs.


“I feel so blessed having the opportunity to help spread awareness for something that's immensely close to my heart by doing what I love most in life! I hope that all of us get the chance to see the change we're reaching for every time we step on stage and perform in honor of those who suffer with this terrible disease.”