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Katharina Santana

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Katharina Santana

Katharina has been involved in music since early childhood. She played clarinet and piano, and self taught guitar. She attended The University of Texas at San Antonio where she studied music with vocals being her primary. 1st projects that began at age 19 include: “Circle of Fifths” cover band San Antonio, TX; “E7″ cover band, San Antonio, TX; Unbecoming” hard rock original band where she 1st exercised her song writing skills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. “Under The Influence” cover band in Orlando, FL. She has sang for the well re-known “Trae Peirce and the T-Stone Band”, led by the 4 time Grammy Award winning producer Trae Peirce. In other projects, she’s opened for bands such as “Genitorturers”,”Crossbreed” and “Loverboy” for radio station WMMO and for Chris Kirkpatrick (N’Sync) Golf Charity event. She’s assisted as back up vocals for artists such as singer Tanta T, where they performed at the “2012 Caribbean Festival” in Cocoa, FL. She assisted with backup vocals for Reverend Mr. Ed Brown’s Gospel CD, produced by Grammy Award winning drummer Will Covington. She’s had several years of acoustic gigs alongside David Smith, Kyle Ashcraft, and Mike Lynch, all well known in Orlando. She was the 1st lead female vocalist for the prestigious Central FL band SWITCH and The Big Band Theory. She’s performed venues such as The Hard Rock Live, Universal Studios, Tin Roof, Bike Fest, and large scale corporate events. She was the 1st female lead vocalist for the band 4X in Tampa alongside well renowned multi instrumentalist Fred Chandler. Currently her focus is on songwriting, in which she has over a dozen releases available on several media platforms. Genres range from Bluesy songs, Electronic Danve Music, Rock, Acoustic and Hip-Hop styles. Katharina has decades of performance and songwriting experience. A current project yet to be released is a collaboration with DJayB, Producer of 69 Boys, Quad City DJ’s and 95 South. Katharina has done it all, and is always ready for the next best thing to occur.


"Never Give up."

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