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Kayla Slay

Nashville-based country pop artist Kayla Slater-who goes by Kayla Slay- is best known for her powerful voice and captivating music. With catchy choruses and inspiring messages, her music draws influences from artists like Carrie Underwood, Priscilla Block, Kelly Clarkson, and Kane Brown. Her musical taste can be heard in her latest 2022 singles, “Country Girl,” “Thank you” and her most recent one “The Round Up.” As a vocalist, Kayla’s tone is riveting and expresses her true self in each song. Kayla says, “as much as I want my music to be heard, I also want people to be inspired by it. I’ve always looked up to artists who were able to confidently be themselves and help others do the same. I hope one day I will be able to make an impact on someone with my music and change their life.”


"Music Beats Cancer's mission resonates with me because cancer can affect just about anyone, including my family, and raising awareness about it /fundraising for new medical research through music is so unique and can unite people of all different backgrounds to support one cause."

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