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Kiirstin Marilyn

In late 2011, Kiirstin Kuhi found herself at a crossroads. She had served as the dynamic front person and co-songwriter for several different bands since 2005. Inspired and motivated by the successes of each act but seeking to grow as an artist, Kiirstin Marilyn was born.  For her debut EP, “Something to Die For,” Kiirstin enlisted the production talents of Brian DeNeeve (From Autumn To Ashes, touring guitarist for The Wanted) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw; Men, Women, and Children). After debuting her new act at the legendary Bitter End in March of 2012, she went on to win her second RAW: Musician of the Year award and toured regionally in the US as well as internationally.  In the summer of 2014, Kiirstin began working with producer Benny Reiner on a sophomore EP effort that would eventually be entitled “Ghosts,” aptly named to reflect the people and events of Kiirstin’s past that shape the person and artist she is today. This caught the attention of indie label Spectra Music Group who released Ghosts on May 6 th 2016 online and in stores worldwide.


"As a vegan, I believe that what we put into our bodies directly affects our health. My father and older brother both are cancer and chemo survivors. I am an advocate for cancer prevention and I am extremely excited to team up with the like-minded people of Music Beats Cancer."