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Lance Drummonds

Being aware of your true calling since the age of 5 is a luxury not many of us have, but soul singer Lance Drummonds happens to be one of the very fortunate. After viewing a tape of his singing at a family get together, Drummonds has been pursuing his dream of showcasing his talents to the world ever since.

While today’s popular music culture currently venerates icons such as John Legend and Alicia Keys, both of whom Drummonds greatly admires and consistently draws comparisons to, music of another era continues to inspire him. Artists like Teddy Pendergrass, The OJays, Donnie Hathaway, Earth Wind and Fire, Rick James, Al Green and many more inspire the soulful and ambitious compositions, which are commonplace in Lance’s performances and written music.

In regards to this, Drummonds says “I’m different in the sense that the music I create possesses energy. A lot of R&B today is well put together, however it is not as energetic as the R&B of the 60’s and 70’s. I am into creating energetic, heartfelt music that people can relate to.” Lance’s proclamations are not far from the truth, and in fact, may be even modest proclamations of his abilities.

His debut album, “Time and Space” exemplifies his undeniable passion, drive, and focus that will undoubtedly buoy the young Lancelot into the ranks of music’s upper echelon of talent. It is said that life repeats itself and often works in cycles: Lance seeing himself on the television screen at the age of five, albeit just a homemade video-tape at the time, was nothing short of a forecast of greater things to come.


"As someone who has been directly affected by cancer, it is not only my privilege, but my duty to help in anyway I can, especially through sharing my gift of music, contribute to the eradication of cancer."