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Mike Mangione

Lyrically, the tunes are reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen’s ability to describe characters in such exquisite detail that by the end of five minutes it seems as if you’ve known them your whole life. These are people and songs you’ll want to revisit and spend more time with. That’s the mark of a great songwriter, which is exactly what Mike Mangione is. Listen once and you’ll be calling your friends to rave about Mangione – American Songwriter Magazine Mike Mangione & the Union brought a New York rock club to the Deep South with foot-stomping rhythms, soaring strings and ethereal vocals. Whether it was with a whisper or a growl, they grabbed every ear – Billboard Magazine blending folk-rock with an orchestrated string section to winning effect. – Relix Magazine unique folk-rock driven sound supported by an orchestrated string section….What began as just a guitar riff would become the soulful country-rooted track – Huffington Post


"This disease has impacted everyone I know and it breaks my heart."