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Mythodical Joe

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Mythodical Joe

Mythodical Joe, born Dante Dumas, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, to a military family. Due to their constant movement, he never truly had a place to call home. During high school, his initial foray into poetry was aimed at impressing girls, but it soon evolved into something more when he began adding rhymes to a beat at the lunch table. In 2005, on the West Coast, Joe emerged victorious in a rap battle hosted by 90.3FM, catching the attention of local artists. Subsequently, he joined the group HGP (Home Grown Productions) and released two independent albums titled “Rules of The Game Vol 1 & 2,” using the alias ‘Small Money.’ Additionally, he dropped a solo album called “Two Sides II Every Story.” In 2019, after discussing the current state of hip-hop with his daughter, Joe adopted a new stage name, Mythodical Joe, with the aim of resurrecting the meaningful, powerful, and inviting vibes of the “old school” era. Now residing in the City of Angels as an East Coast native, Joe tackles subjects close to his heart with authentic and unfiltered lyrics on his debut entitled “Something To Say.”


"Keep your eyes open and your ears to the street. Cuz without you there is no me."

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