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Ras Minano

Coming from Ghana West Africa, and founder of his band ‘The Hope of Africa’ Ras Minano, is internationally recognized and a renowned Reggae, Afrobeats artist. In 2020 his song ‘Africa Oseeyeii’ was awarded winner in the USA WAM Award Song of the Year in the category for World Music/Reggae and Ras has released 3 albums to date and most recently an EP titled WOMBA. A gifted artist, drummer, singer, songwriter, composer and producer, Ras continues to share his vision openly through heart and music with deeply honest, rich and earthy lyrics, infectious beats and uplifting rhythms that have captivated audiences worldwide. A humble warrior, Ras shares messages of truth and love with powerful and thought provoking lyrics to give hope to the world through his music and spiritual wisdom.


"If music can soothe the beast and heal the soul, it can beat cancer too."