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Raya Dize is a pop singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, actress and a classical pianist. Born in Germany, Raya has moved around the world through the years and has a multicultural heritage. Beginning at the age of 3, she devoted her life to classical music by playing piano and singing opera. However, due to her long practices that caused vision issues, Raya had to turn her sights towards pop music . After attaining her bachelor’s degree in musical theatre, Raya moved to Los Angeles to pursue her Purpose – healing people with music and frequencies.

Raya Dize writes music about problems of our society, thinking outside the box, standing out and questioning our reality. “I might be straightforward in my music, but I will always stay honest, authentic and loyal to my soul and Purpose.I don’t need to sugarcoat anything in my life in order to be liked and accepted. In my opinion it’s a very brave thing to do”

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"As a sound healer, I can say that music is like medication we take on a daily basis. In this case it goes deeply into your soul, thus heals you physically, mentally and emotionally and that's exactly what this mission is about. Healing."