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Ryan Montbleau

Ryan Montbleau, who has been recording and touring as both a solo act and bandleader for much of the last 15 years, moves people.  A gifted songwriter, he has developed a very special history and bond to a deeply-rooted fanbase that now stretches all over the United States and beyond.  Montbleau’s transcendent songcraft and powerful, uplifting voice can tackle intense topics just as easily as expressing life’s simple, everyday joys.  He continues to speak to a generation of fans who have been along for his rise.  Like an intense, slow-burning wildfire, Montbleau has toured relentlessly and connected with audiences night after night, year after year.


"Like most human beings, I have seen the effect of cancer on my loved ones and on my loved ones loved ones. Music Beats Cancer allows us to fund a worthy cancer treatment of our choice directly. Because we believe in it, not because it's a money-maker."