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Samie Bisaso

Samie Bisaso, is a multi genre recording Gospel artist, singer, songwriter,whose music intermingles contemporary Gospel styling of R&B, and Soul-Pop cross over his love for God, and his craft which he has developed over the years, defines everything he’s today, inspires the music that he puts out,and has set to claim his place in the music industry. Samie Bisaso’s music, appeals to the mind, heart, and spirit.

His music will linger long in your mind after the track is over, he seems to have a knack of knowing just how we feel, like he writes these songs just for us. His music is so inspirational, and appeals to every one, young and old. He has released 4 singles from his forth coming album-first single “Live For You” and “Already Better.” He tackles the theme that if you believe, you can do it with God on your side, how can you fail!? The main message that keeps repeating itself throughout, and that’s we are never alone, no matter what we go through!

Another 3rd single “Million Pieces” with the message even though life has been shattered like a glass into a million pieces, don’t worry, just trust God. He will help you to piece it together again! Now bringing to the table, the 4th single “Completely” released on May 20th 2015, The song has a soulful feel, and is a refreshing example of what genuine artistry really is.


"Cancer has claimed many lives of people that I have come to know, including relatives! It's my prayer everyday that a cure is found soon! I am going hands with Music Beats Cancer to help spread the word and give hope to those battling cancer."