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Shaun Brazell (SHAUNB) is an R&B vocalist and instrumentalist who captures the elements of R&B, Gospel and Soul through his music. He began his journey starting as a drummer in Oxford, England. Unlike most artists Shaun Brazell had the hunger and discipline to learn multiple instruments and naturally play them proficiently. Shaun Brazell’s early world travels, youthful experience, and influence from his father and church were the catalyst to his musical being as an artist, songwriter and musician of today.

Now residing in the greater Long Beach, California area, Shaun Brazell has worked his way upward and has assembled quite a large fan base through his live performances at Harvelle’s Long Beach and The House of Blues Sunset to name a couple. He has gained traction and the respect of artists and musicians alike, who have one thing to say about him, “true talent and showmanship.”

The years of military traveling, gospel singing and musical development has brought forth the undeniable essence and versatility as a musical prodigy, SHAUN B.


I've had many friends affected by cancer which made me realize that my music was a light of hope for them. I want to use my music as a healing power and Music Beats Cancer is an amazing platform to allow me to do just that. We are all fighting this battle together and music is a powerful treatment tool.