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Sugar Lime Blue

Sugar Lime Blue is the premiere Americana Soul/ Jam Band rising up from Nashville, Tennessee. The band borrows from Blues, Country, Rock and Jazz to create truly eclectic sounds. Performing nearly a thousand shows over the past decade, Sugar Lime Blue has seen international exposure from press outlets, hundreds of radio stations and a growing grass roots fanbase from their weekly online performance, the #SundayShouOut. The captivating, redheaded gypsy songstress, Ashley Beth, heads the group with her soulful captivating voice that draws the listener deep into the songs lyrical content, while her husband Dave leads the band into deep musical dives and explores Grateful Dead like jams. Music lovers and fans of many genres will find commonality in Sugar Lime Blue.


"We want to lend our voice and help unlock the power of music in healing!"

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Oct 12th, 2022 at 10:07 pm