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Tatiana Barbosa

With “a vox to grace the masses” Tatiana Barbosa is unlike any urban pop artist you’ll hear today. Capable of the edgy grit of Rihanna and the powerful emotion of Beyoncé, Tatiana’s distinctive and richly textured voice promises to be as prevalent and instantly recognizable as both of those mega stars. Tatiana works with songwriters and producers as she learns and masters her craft. She loves recording and never shirks the long hours, late nights and little sleep that go hand in hand with that lifestyle. Music is life, which is Tatiana’s motto. “Music has always been a part of my life, it’s how I express myself and it’s all I can see myself doing honestly.” With her edgy personality and her “girl next door look”, Tatiana is sure to make anybody fall in love.


"I have close friends who are like family to me who have fought and beat breast cancer. I believe the Music Beats Cancer mission is a great idea to not only spread awareness but also help to find cures for others."