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The Bandys

The Bandys was formed in 2010. The first song of the group “Believe in peace” has made a semi final at the UK Songwriting Contest Rock Category in 2011. In this year gave the band his first concert in Vienna, Austria. In 2013 released The Bandys their first song on iTunes “Can you hear me now” (also on Spotify and Amazon available)

The Bandys joined the famous Harlem Gospel Choir from New York for 4 concerts on their tour in Budapest, where they even played a Bandys song “There could be heaven” together. The group won with the song “One Day” an Akademia Award in Los Angeles for the best Rock Ballad in 2016 january.

The Bandys were playing 2 concerts exclusively on the “One Voice” Tour of Brian May and Kerry Ellis as a pre-group in march 2016.


"I"ve lost already few friends trough cancer, my sport coach just left 1 week ago as well…. I hope we can do something against it, that one day this disease will be healable."

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