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The Cravens

The Cravens are a guitar- driven, American rock band founded by Bill and John Storch and Ron DeSaram in 2016. They have a long history that began in the 1980s small alternative music scene of South Florida. The band has been a staple in the South Florida club circuit since its inception, playing from Port St. Lucie to Ft. Lauderdale their unique blend of classic / hard rock, alternative glam pop and Americana. The Cravens have released three studio albums, one live album, one EP, and numerous singles. Their acclaimed albums include “On The Line” (2018), “Dark Side of Love” (2019), “Cravenology” (2021), and “Live From The Funky Biscuit” (2022). Their single “Dakota Rose” released in 2019 has been played on over 250 commercial, college, and internet radio stations, with 50,000 streams on Spotify alone. Their other singles, “Distance of One” (2020) and “Don’t Come Home” (2021) have also been streamed over 20,000 times each.


"Music unites and heals."

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Oct 16th, 2023 at 07:29 pm