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Xavier White

Xavier White is an NYC-based singer-songwriter and soon-to-be R&B star. His influences include Usher, Prince, and Michael Jackson, alongside his family. His upbringing in Albany and New York City has also changed his outlook on life and music. In an interview with The Source, he says: “Both Albany and New York have been a strong inspiration in my music career and life […] NYC can inspire, influence and mold you. It broke me and made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t want to live in any other place in the world.” X’s release “Slip N Slide”garnered six Spotify editorial placements, one of the most prestigious places for a song to land in today’s digital age. Xavier’s most recent feel good tune titled “Holiday” features artist DR and is co-written by long time collaborator B Martin at Purpose Driven Records.


"I lost my grandfather, grandmother and aunt to lung cancer so I strongly support the research and development of a cure. With Music Beats Cancer' help, I strive to become a catalyst towards combating and overcoming the war on cancer."

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