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Music Beats Cancer


Donate to a Breast Cancer Charity

There are lots of ways you can support people impacted by breast cancer. Whether you want to help out the whole community or donate in memory or honor of someone you love, every little bit helps us educate everyone and kick breast cancer to the curb. Check out more info on each option below.

Supporting A Breast Cancer Charity In Washington, DC

Music Beats Cancer is a unique breast cancer charity centered in Washington, DC, providing support for cancer research across the country. We offer a unique way to raise money and support biotech companies that are creating innovative and potentially revolutionary new ways of diagnosing, treating, and innovating current methods of breast cancer practices and procedures.

We partner with musicians to raise funds to support these innovative companies and entrepreneurs. Unlike other breast cancer research foundations, we are open to donations of all sizes and offer complete transparency, allowing you to donate to the campaign and technology you choose.

Get Involved in a Breast Cancer Foundation Near Me

In addition to accepting donations and partnering with biotech companies and musicians, Music Beats Cancer is always looking for people who want to join our movement of change and get involved.

We have opportunities for local artists in the Washington, DC, area or across the nation, to participate in our fundraising efforts. Innovators looking for funding for cancer-fighting solutions are also welcome to apply to become a current campaign.

We are also looking for volunteers throughout the country to help at events and help us to raise awareness of the need for funding for innovative technologies that may reduce the damage cancer does around the world.

If you are interested in more information about how we work and how Music Beats Cancer is different than other breast cancer organizations, contact us today.