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Music Beats Cancer


Make Childhood Cancer Donations

You have the power to improve treatments for children battling cancer. By making a donation today, you can provide researchers with the necessary resources to guarantee that children with cancer can live long, healthy lives.

Donate To Childhood Cancer Research Funding

Most people do not realize the challenges that innovators and entrepreneurs have in bringing the latest in technology, diagnostics, and cancer treatment options from idea through to approval for use.

There are biotech companies and people in Washington, DC, and across the world with these innovative ideas that cannot obtain the funding needed to test and prove these technologies. This gap between what these companies need and the available funding is known as the Valley of Death in the industry.

While making childhood cancer donations is important, providing funding to vetted biotech companies to avoid falling into the Valley of Death and having to abandon those technologies is essential in the fight against cancer.

Donations to Childhood Cancer Research Funding

At Music Beats Cancer, we work to connect vetted biotech companies with innovative solutions with artists who are here to raise awareness and funding. At the same time, we provide the opportunity for people to choose campaigns and donate directly to childhood cancer research at any dollar amount.

Music Beats Cancer is a 501(c)3 charity, which means all contributions are tax-deductible under the applicable US tax laws. This allows anyone to donate directly and receive the necessary tax receipts.

You can also back childhood cancer research funding by attending a fundraiser by one of our partnering independent artists or donating to the Community Mega Fund. This is a matching fund, doubling all childhood cancer donations.

To find out more or to support Music Beats Cancer, contact us online.