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Loot Bryon Smith

Music Beats Cancer

Loot Bryon Smith and is a Self – Empowerment Music Artist, Public Speaker, Life Coach and Podcast Host. The music he’s inspired to create is intended to make you feel positive, liberated and empowered.

1. What was your original calling to music? How did you start?

My original calling to music was more of an underground as well as mainstream street/gangerster style of rap music. Due to my surroundings and type of music I was listening to at the time I created music that focused on the negative aspect of urban street life. As i’ve gotten older, grown, evolved and changed my mindset I now create Rap/Hip Hop Music that is positive, Inspiring and empowering.

2. Who or what is your musical inspiration? Which artist(s) do you look up to? Did any of them inspire you to experiment with your music? Is there something new you’d like to try?

Some of the artist that influence me the most are Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Nas, Andre 3000 & Twalib Kwali. I find that these particular artist are not afraid to address issues that others don’t’ These artist have found a balance between mainstream and underground music and all have an element of creativity that is amazing. They inspire me to embrace my own unique sound, style and subject matter.

3. Why did you become involved with Music Beats Cancer? Has cancer directly or indirectly affected you?

I decided to become involved with Music Beats Cancer because I feel if is a worthy cause that can potentially help millions of people around the world. I have also had friends and family over the years that have been directly impacted by Cancer. I feel that those that have lost their lives to Cancer can no longer speak for themselves and this is a chance for me to advocate for them.

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4. What is happening next in your music career?

I currently have my WEBSITE being built in which everyone who visits will be able to keep up with everything about me including my podcasts, music and events. You will also be able to purchase my music, Merchandise and well as have direct access to my services (public speaking, coaching, artist performance).

Visit his current website HERE.

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