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Music Beats Cancer: Anna Kendrick

Music Beats Cancer

Although she was only 14 when she got nominated for a Tony award for a role in the Broadway musical, Anna Kendrick didn’t allow fame to change her or make her forget where she came from. Whenever you see her perform, act, or do an interview, you realize she’s far from those spoiled, arrogant stars. Quite the opposite. Anna has remained as she has always been – a down-to-earth girl, or like the title of her 2016 memoir would say: “Scrappy little nobody.” But still, we can’t agree with this “nobody” label. Anna is a great actress, an even more exceptional person, noble and caring, and someone who is always trying to put a smile on people’s faces.

Most of us were introduced to Anna Kendrick in 2009 when we saw her in the role of Jessica Staley in The Twilight Saga. The success of The Twilight helped her earn the focal point of media attention and an enormous fan base. She stayed in the spotlight during the following years since her career continued going uphill. Anna appeared in the action comedy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and in critically acclaimed comedy-drama 50/50, playing a therapist to a cancer patient played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A part in a 2012 musical comedy Pitch Perfect (which turned out to be her most successful film so far) allowed Anna to display her second major talent: singing. Her performance of the song “Cups” for the Pitch Perfect soundtrack reached number 6 on the US Billboard hot 100 and quickly became immensely popular among people of all ages. Soon, everybody knew how to play the beat from the song using only hands, table, and a plastic cup, exactly like Anna did it in the film.

On her road to stardom, Anna Kendrick has consistently found ways to return love to people and to thank them for the support. For example, when she heard that her fan Mike Morano from Denver was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, Anna informed his landlord that she’d herself find a perfect tenant for his apartment if Mike loses his battle. She even promised that she’d cover the rent if necessary. A class act we would say, but, this case wasn’t the only one.

Anna is known for supporting the community in her birthplace Portland, Maine. Probably the best-known occasion was when she showed love to little Jacob Thompson, who suffered from high-risk Neuroblastoma, by sending him a Christmas card. Thousands of people sent postcards to brighten his spirit, while Anna posted this on Twitter for that occasion: “I was born in this hospital. I’m sending a card your way, Jacob, you handsome devil.” She also funded multiple classroom projects, along with campaigns such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

Having attention of millions of people is not an opportunity everyone gets. Anna Kendrick uses it to fight for positive values and bring happiness and joy to people. She understands them and knows that their support was crucial to her success. She’s always trying to give back and lead by example, to show how a lot can be done if everybody does a little. Like Anna Kendrick, people are bringing hope for a better future where illnesses like cancer will be a thing of the past.

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