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Music Beats Cancer: Avril Lavigne

Music Beats Cancer

There is no greater treasure than being able to help those in need and create a more favorable environment in the community which allows change to take place. The people who can do this are often called heroes, and that is what they are because not everyone would go through the trouble to do the same. Every contribution to worthy causes is beneficial, no matter how big or small — and philanthropists are fully aware of this fact.

Often considered to have more than they need, celebrities tend to give back to society and raise awareness of problems that communities face. They use their fame and fortune to do so, and since they can be so influential, their contributions matter when it comes to swaying the public opinion on any given issue. We look at the music world to find shining examples of fighting a deadly disease with positivity and grace, and one of the celebrities who stand out is the “Sk8er Boi” singer, Avril Lavigne, a Canadian pop-rocker dubbed the Pop Punk Queen.

The early 2000s were her most successful years, starting with her debut album in 2002 and going all the way through to 2007 when she released her third studio album “The Best Damn Thing.” Lavigne is the third-best-selling Canadian female artist, with only Celine Dion, and Shania Twain ahead of her sales-wise.

Avril Lavigne is an accomplished activist and a supporter of 17 charities and 19 causes, many of which have to do with issues that have had an impact on her life. In 2010, she founded The Avril Lavigne Foundation, with the mission to educate people, raise awareness, and help young people and kids with disabilities and serious illnesses.

Make Some Noise, Erase MS, Special Olympics, Amnesty International, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Stand Up to Cancer are among some of the charities Avril has supported over the years. Her charity activities didn’t have a narrow focus for the majority of her career. She opted instead to give where she felt her contribution was most needed, helping by recording and performing with other music industry stars, appearing in ad campaigns that aim to raise funds to raise awareness and educate people about diseases and serious health conditions, and always aiming to do more to help.

Most recently, Avril Lavigne’s charity foundation focuses on supporting individuals battling Lyme disease who can’t afford treatment. It was brought on by Lavigne’s experience when she was testing positive with a Lyme disease diagnosis, a debilitating disease that manifests itself through chronic pain, joint pain, chronic fatigue, severe weight loss, and other serious health issues that left her bedridden for five months. Her symptoms were so persistent and severe that she could barely stand on some days, and according to one of her statements, Avril had accepted death at some point, during her battle with Lyme disease.

Music was what got her through her healing process, which is why Avril understands its power in fighting a nasty disease so well. Now, her goal is to help others through their fights and healing process. “I’m stronger than ever and looking forward to sharing my renewed voice and energy for my life with my fans through this new music.” She announced this at the launch of her song “Head Above Water” in support of the campaign to assist people with Lyme disease. She also helped Justin Bieber, who also had to battle with Lyme disease. Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber also took to Twitter addressing the criticisms against the severity of symptoms experienced by those diagnosed with Lyme disease. In fact, a lot of people are contracting the disease on a regular basis. Around 13% in the UK are believed to be affected by Lyme disease and should be considered as a global priority. 

Whether the cause is fighting cancer or some other disease, it’s crucial that celebrities who have a lot of influence due to their star power add their voices to campaigns that make a difference in society – any way of creating a favorable change counts.

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