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Music Beats Cancer: Charlie Puth

Music Beats Cancer

More often than not, we start from nothing in life — or almost nothing. A spark of talent, a lot of willpower, and a generous amount of motivation built over time can carry us to unimaginable heights. However, sometimes life throws a curveball that you cannot prepare for — illness. The suddenness of cancer and its ability to rip out even the most prominent potential off the face of the Earth is what makes it so devastating. Those that can recognize this, and feel the need to contribute as much as they can, use their fame as a platform to raise awareness of these issues. They are genuine agents of positive change in our society.

Like many of us, singer Charlie Puth started from nothing. His family struggled to make ends meet, but his parents were always there to support him in his music aspirations. All he had was a Youtube channel, which got big thanks to his talent. As a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, Charlie Puth started becoming more known.

Then working with Wiz Khalifa on the anthem See You Again provided an opportunity for Puth to launch himself into stardom, with the now-famous hook in the song that became the soundtrack of Fast and Furious 7.

The young singer began his philanthropic journey as early as sixth grade when he produced and recorded his Christmas album and donated all proceeds from his door to door sales to a local church. Puth sold $600 worth of copies, but now he is in a position to help more.

His most notable charity work was him taking part in the Stand Up to Cancer annual event, where he performed alongside Alessia Cara. His heartfelt piano performance of See You Again, the hit that made him famous, was combined in a medley with Gallant Weight In Gold, with Alessia Cara joining in for Scars To Your Beautiful.

That way Charlie Puth became a significant part of a charity effort that has raised over $600 million to date for the fight against cancer. With Stand Up To Cancer star-studded lineup each year, the disease is being pushed back one step at a time.

Other than supporting the Stand Up to Cancer efforts, Charlie Puth has supported charities and humanitarian organizations such as UNICEF, Ryan Seacrest Foundation, Sherry Lansing Foundation, DKMS, and others. Puth also donated his piano from his home recording studio to Forrestdale Rumson school which he attended himself. Now in the Music Classroom of Mrs. Leutz, the keyboard is helping to fuel the dreams of other boys who aspire to become musicians and give back to the community in the same way.

That might be the most significant contribution that celebrities can give to the efforts of fighting dangerous diseases and raising awareness of pressing problems — inspiring those that admire them to act like them. Whether we like it or not, celebrities are often the idols of young people, so when they’re seen doing things in philanthropy and love, there’s hope for the world to change for the better. Influencing and affecting positive change is the most important gift one can give to humanity, and Charlie Puth is among the celebrities who know that.

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