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Music Beats Cancer: Chris Brown

Music Beats Cancer

To the majority of people in the industry, Chris Brown has often been considered a modern version of Michael Jackson. His dancing moves resemble the moves of the king of pop. And like MJ, Brown’s talent frequently gets less attention than his private life. Through the years he earned a reputation of a troublemaker, and it seems that he can’t get rid of that etiquette. In an instant, people seem to have forgotten about his beginnings when he was called a boy-wonder, and his off-the-stage problems have put his kind and helpful part of personality in the corner.

Chris Brown was 16 years old when he released his self-titled debut solo album that peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart and eventually sold over three million copies worldwide. His voice and dance took people by storm and his unbeaten run continued with his next release. “Exclusive” went platinum and had four top 10 singles on US Billboard Hot 100.

All this success was overshadowed by the court’s decision to sentence Brown to 5 years of probation and six months of community service after he physically assaulted his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. The perception of him changed at that moment and made him the public face of domestic violence. Although his career didn’t suffer, Brown wanted to show the world that he is not a violent person and not a criminal.

Ever since the unhappy incident, Chris Brown has been trying to use his experience to raise awareness of domestic violence and to help countless victims with no public outcry. He has funded programs to educate children on issues of domestic violence in hope to provide them with a safer future. In addition to these attempts, Brown has also supported other charities like AIDS Project Los Angeles, Aid Still Required, Best Buddies International, Creative Visions Foundation, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and Stand Up to Cancer.

His involvement in fighting cancer has significantly increased during recent years. Brown spoke publicly about breast cancer and how it is crucial that everybody contributes to solving the problem since there is no other way to fight this nasty illness. In 2016 he posted the following status on his Twitter account: “How dope would it be if big fashion brands teamed up with the NBA for breast cancer awareness and other occasions and made custom jerseys?” Some would argue this was an attempt to fix the mistakes from the past. But, as we cited, his career was never at risk, leading us to believe Brown had more honest reasons to speak up. He continued his efforts in 2017 by taking part in a charity football game, organized by NBA player Matt Barnes. Other basketball stars like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were included, as well as the rappers Snoop Dogg and The Game.

Chris Brown is an excellent example of how personal mistakes can help one correct their wrongs and realize real values. He uses his voice to speak for those who can’t be heard, and his fight is an example of how everybody must contribute to making positive changes. His strength has been an inspiration for many troubled ones, and the enthusiasm of people like him brings hope that we can overcome any obstacle if we fight together.

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