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Music Beats Cancer: Lady Antebellum

Music Beats Cancer

Individuals who truly want to dedicate their time to affect a change of enormous proportions in the world can sometimes be hard to find. And sometimes even rarer than that is to see a person with a significantly large platform created by their hard work willing to invest time and money into positive change. The public may tend to look at these artists as famous people who support charity for the sake of good PR. However, there are those who can genuinely be considered agents of positive change.

One of them is undoubtedly the group Lady Antebellum, the Grammy-winning trio that’s been a part of various charitable initiatives for years. They’re the founders of LadyAID, which is the central organization of their philanthropic effort to bring awareness to problems faced by children in need. It aims to spread the word and generate support for those children, whether they live next door, in the neighboring country or state, or halfway across the world.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum has said that they will do anything they can to help children through the LadyAID Fund. “There are children all over the world who are suffering because they don’t have the resources to get the help they need,” she stated, adding that her heart especially hurt for the children of Haiti. “By partnering with organizations like UNHCR and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, we’ve already seen children given access to medical care they wouldn’t otherwise have in their country.”

But members of Lady Antebellum haven’t stopped there — they’re also pretty active in the fight against cancer and spreading positivity to counter this horrible disease. They showed as much in 2010 when they took part in Stand Up to Cancer telethon and performed alongside Kris Kristofferson. Other stars that presented in the telethon were Leona Lewis, Queen Latifah, Billie Joe Armstrong, Martina McBride, and Neil Diamond, along with appearances by George Clooney, Will Smith, Jane Lynch, Gwyneth Paltrow, Renée Zellweger, and Sam Trammell.

As a charity effort that raised more than $600 million for cancer research since it began in 2008, Stand Up to Cancer telethon is one of the major yearly events when it comes to charity work. The members of Lady Antebellum had their reasons for wanting to take part. The disease has impacted both singers’ family members. After the singer Charles Kelley married his wife in 2009, his father-in-law got diagnosed with colon cancer. As for Hillary Scott, she lost her paternal grandfather to lung cancer, but the suffering did not end there. At the time, her mother’s best friend was fighting colon cancer.

Scott spoke openly about fighting cancer. “I think so much of it is being able to rally together with your friends and family, having that fighting spirit of mind over matter and doing everything you can do to stay healthy.”

As public figures, members of Lady Antebellum are doing everything they can to provide that rallying point to cancer patients and survivors. They’re genuinely using their platform to affect positive change, and they’ve found their rightful place among the shining stars of philanthropy.

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