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Music Beats Cancer: Meet King Cavalli

Music Beats Cancer


For Music Beats Cancer artist King Cavalli, getting involved in the music industry was a form of therapy after his divorce.

“When I was originally called to music, I was in a pretty depressed state of mind. I just got done with my divorce, and I was fighting in bars all the time. Then I met my producer who told me that music saved his life. He asked me if I ever tried to channel my anger, energy, and emotions into music, because it really helped him. Once we got into the studio, [making music] was therapeutic for me,” Cavalli said.

Cavalli’s music style ranges from hip hop, to pop, to R&B so that it fits the mood of what his music is expressing. As for Cavalli’s musical inspirations, he is drawn towards artists with a natural ability to emote through music.
“Vocally, I look up to Miguel because he is an incredible, natural singer. I look up to Adele [because] she has a great way of channeling her emotions into music and coming out with hit songs like ‘Hello’ and ‘Someone Like You.’ I look up to Drake for his transparency, and he does the same thing with his music as Adele. That’s why they’re successful; [songs about] relationships have a much larger pull of an audience because no matter who you are, everyone has relationships,” Cavalli said.

In May of 2015, Cavalli released a book about his divorce called 24 and Divorced. Along with his book, Cavalli created songs for his new album, which is due to be released this coming May.

“My album Wounded goes right along with the book. My producer, Parker, is pushing the music and book together, calling it ‘The 24 and Divorced Project.’ When you read the book it’s one thing, but it’s different when you’re hearing the pain of the divorce through my music. The music tells the other half of the story,” Cavalli said.

Along with his book, Cavalli does a lot of speaking and counseling, saying “Because of a chapter in my book called ‘Red Flags,’ I’m getting emails from people saying they wouldn’t have wasted several years of their lives with the wrong girlfriend or boyfriend if they had read this book ahead of time with those relationships. I don’t want people to deal with the same things as I did.”

Before Cavalli’s life was changed by music, he attended Oral Robert University, a private Christian school where he graduated as student body president. Encouraged by his father who is a pastor, he studied business and theology.

“At the end of the day beyond my faith, my dad has said to be an honest man. Everyone has a moral compass, and my music reflects that. It’s an internal battle. If my album Wounded had a subtitle, it would be ‘The War Within’ because it’s about trying to find the balance in life of being a good person,” Cavalli said.

The Music Beats Cancer cause appealed to Cavalli not only because music helped Cavalli during a difficult time in his life, but also because cancer hits close to home.

“The father of my best friend growing up got lung cancer from smoking. We were juniors in high school, and to watch one of our heroes deteriorate in front of us was not something we wanted to see at all. I thought that the heart behind [Music Beats Cancer] was awesome because I know how music has changed my life and healed me in so many ways. I love the fact that the organization tries to help [cancer patients] by having people use their musical talents to better the lives of others and produce funds to go further in certain research that’s needed for cancer,” Cavalli said.


To learn more about King Cavalli, visit his Music Beats Cancer profile here:

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