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Music Beats Cancer: Meet Paul Pedana

Music Beats Cancer

For Music Beats Cancer artist Paul Pedana, his father ushered him into the world of music from a young age.

“My father was a radio speaker and disc jockey. I remember when I was 6, before I went to sleep my lullaby would be Made in Japan by Deep Purple. That’s the best live album ever, and I think it all started in those years when I was a kid,” Pedana said.

Pedana was surrounded by musical instruments in his house, and so he began taking music lessons.

“My first piano lesson was at seven years old, and I took private lessons for two years. Then I began taking drum lessons, and I’ve been a drummer for 15 years,” Pedana said.

Because of his love for drumming, Pedana started his first band when he was just 11 years old.

“The name of my first band was Upkeep, my second was a heavy metal band called Overshade, and the third band was called Anthropos, which was the big love of mine. The band name Anthropos was born in 1973; my father’s band was also called Anthropos, so we took that name and continued the tradition,” Pedana said.

Pedana didn’t originally start out desiring a solo career as a singer because of his focus on drumming.

“For all of my bands, I played the drums, but I knew that I could sing as well. I was the songwriter and composer too, so I used to sing to show the other band members how the music was supposed to sound,” Pedana said.

After Pedana’s last tour with Anthropos, he decided that he could make a solo career out of his personal compositions, saying “I realized I had a lot of songs written by me that weren’t suited for a band, so I thought, ‘why not start singing and playing guitar around the world?’

Pedana doesn’t like to classify his music into any particular genres, but he calls his musical style “existential rock.” He also draws inspiration from famous rock bands, saying “I like Jethro Tull; I consider the front man kind of a genius, because for me he’s the meaning of being in a stage. I also like bands from the 70s like Deep Purple and Gentle Giant, and bands from the 90s like Radiohead. Everything concerning Brian Eno [is inspiring] too, because Eno is probably one of the most genius musicians of the century. He collaborated with bands like Oasis, Coldplay and U2.”

Originally from Italy, Pedana is in a transitional phase of his career, switching from a studio in Italy to England.

“Everything has been recorded in Italy in the past. Now, I’m going to change studios and record in London with new musicians. I’m going to work with Metropolis Studios for the mastering of the album, where John Davis works as an award-winning sound engineer,” Pedana said.

In addition to working with a new studio, Pedana is working with a new musician, Denis Efimenko.

“Denis is a guitarist originally from Ukraine, but he lives in London now. We first met in 2015 and spoke about collaborating. I needed a guitarist an d I liked the way he played, so I showed him my songs and he liked my work. Now we are working together on the new album and are hoping to release it before the end of the year, maybe in September. I’m really excited about it because we came from different music backgrounds but we have the same ambition,” Pedana said.

Just as Pedana is interested in making sincere connections with the musicians he works with in his bands and for his solo career, he is also drawn to supporting honest causes like Music Beats Cancer.

“I like to do charity, and I always wanted to find a genuine organization. I lost my grandma just one year ago to cancer, and I think the most famous charities are affected by the cancer of the business. That’s why I decided to help an independent organization. Unfortunately, I’m not rich, but with my fans we were able to reach the fundraising goal of $1000 and I was very proud of it,” Pedana said.

Most immediate in Pedana’s career is the release of a new music video that shows Pedana’s genuine approach to making music and sharing it with the world.

“On March 25th I am putting out a new music video called “Kate.” It’s like a short movie with a story. For all the future music videos I do, I want to use a movie format because using music and pictures is a very strong way of expression. In normal music videos, there’s a teaser that features the new music, but I want to communicate to people with music , pictures and stories” Pedana said.


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